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Engineering-construction design

Under engineering-construction design Spectrum Group develops projects of engineering supply for buildings and installations, bearing structures, their interrelation, as well as architectural and building area solutions.

Fashion House Outlet
Fashion House Outlet 20.03.2012
Address:  Lomonosov district, Leningrad region
Total area:  26 000 sq.m
Client:  Fashion House Group
Location:  Saint-Petersburg
Spectrum Services:  Design / Engineering-construction design  / General designer
International Airport Emelyanovo
International Airport Emelyanovo 24.01.2012
Address:  Krasnoyarsk
Total area:  41 000 sq.m
Client:  Hochtief
Location:  Siberia
Spectrum Services:  Building information modeling (BIM) / Design / Engineering-construction design  / General designer
Laplan Mall
Laplan Mall 24.01.2012
Address:  1 Kalinina Str., Petrozavodsk
Total area:  82 000 кв.м
Location:  Northwestern region
Spectrum Services:  Design / Engineering-construction design
Office center Bolshevik
Office center Bolshevik 24.01.2012
Address:  15 Leningradsky Av.
Total area:  70 000 sq.m
Client:  O1 Properties
Location:  Moscow
Spectrum Services:  Building information modeling (BIM) / Design / Engineering-construction design