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Construction management

Spectrum team is very mobile in all senses. This quality becomes specially valuable for construction management. We constantly provide consistent quality level of this service irrespective of distance to the project, using proved works technology, and operation of our offices on sites.

Izhevsk, Kaluga, Norilsk, Rostov-on-Don, Voronezh, Sochi, Samara — these are only few of the cities where our teams successfully manage construction quality and safety.

Construction management of Spectrum Group includes:

  • Management of project schedule and budget
  • Management of procurements and tender organization
  • Management of construction works quality, incl. construction quality supervision
  • Contracts management
  • Health & Safety Executive (HSE)

Rolf Dealership Automobile Centres
Rolf Dealership Automobile Centres 05.04.2004
Address:  Moscow: 24 Ryazansky Av., 27A Obrucheva Str., Moscow region: Mamyri, Kashirskoe Highway, Bitsa, Odintsovo district, Saint-Petersburg: Tallinskoe Highway
Total area:  9 000 -15 000 sq.m
Spectrum Services:  Design / Project management / Architectural design / Engineering-construction design  / General designer / Construction management / Project management / Technical Zakazchik