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Building information modeling (BIM)

The concept of Building Information Modeling is not only a new approach to design, but the most cutting edge approach to building information generation and control throughout the entire life cycle of the building. Today 70% of Spectrum group’s projects have BIM technology implicated.

Virtual informational models of buildings and installations developed by specialists of our company (3D, 4D, 5D) contain information of every necessary level of detail.

Main problems solved with the help of BIM technologies during design:

•    Control over interrelation of solutions from different project chapters;
•    Calculation of amount of materials, equipment, parts used in the projects;
•    Budgetary estimations and high precision cost sheets;
•    Timely and correct update of the project;
•    Obtaining and accumulation of information for the client’s further needs.

Application of BIM technologies provides the following advantages to the Client/Investor:

•    Decrease of design terms;
•    Decrease of number of reworking and mistakes during design and construction;
•    Precise financial forecast of project fulfillment;
•    Optimization of construction cost;
•    Improvement of operational quality and decrease in operational costs with the help of obtaining detailed information of the facility, accumulated during the entire period of design and construction.

Wholesale centers METRO C&C
Wholesale centers METRO C&C 17.01.2002
Address:  Moscow: Leningrad Avenue/Mira Avenue/Dorozhnaya Str./Ryabinovaya Str./Dmitrivskoye Highway/Schelkovskoye Highway/2nd Lykovskaya Str./Shosseynanya Str. Ufa-2, Omsk, Noginsk
Total area:  15 000 - 30 000 sq.m
Client:  Metro Properties
Spectrum Services:  Design / Architectural design / Building information modeling (BIM) / Engineering-construction design  / General designer