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Analysis of fire endurance. Disasters, wave and seismic impacts

Spectrum R&D associates apply nonlinear numerical modeling for disasters, which can hardly be modeled in reality. Multi-variant analysis with respect to probability factors enable to develop reliable and at the same time cost-efficient structural solutions to provide for safety of people and installations. Several analysis approaches are unique for the Russian market. 

Issues we solve: 
• Seismic spectral analysis 
• Non-linear seismic analysis for given accelerogram 
• Seismic and hydro - elasticity of tanks 
• Temperature field in case of fire 
• Fire endurance of structures in case of fire 
• Aerodynamic impact of tornados  
• Impact loads and crush-tests 
• Explosion impacts 
• Wave loads on waterworks 
• Loads at tsunami


Fig. 1-2. Impact of tornado to the site of nuclear power plant (simulation in ANSYS CFX). Picture of crack formation in the cooling tower envelope (simulation in ANSYS Mechanical).